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On Mon Apr 14, 14:56 [anonymous user] wrote:

wo abc

On Wed May 7, 18:33 [anonymous user] wrote:


On Mon Jan 23, 15:42 rKdXXJxQwtxmq [anonymous user] wrote:

Holy concise data btaman. Lol!

On Tue Jan 24, 13:13 aOILoGTcxvdfs [anonymous user] wrote:

Articles like this are an example of quick, hplfeul answers.

On Thu Jan 26, 07:49 MrwHvczj [anonymous user] wrote:

Yup, that suohld defo do the trick!

On Sat Sep 14, 11:23 e0ho2T0VUyTG [anonymous user] wrote:

其實係冇秘訣, 因為如果有o既話呢個世界上就會有好多成功 o既 "user generated cetnont" site, 咁就變成個個都唔成功要講o既都係基礎野, cetnont 要有 market (整個香港 open source community 就死梗啦), 要 user friendly, post cetnont 容易 (如 integrate with IM, twitter, SMS, 有 bookmarklet), 要有好o既 filter, 做好 SEO 等.不過最重要係要有 "媒", 有一班 active user (可能要 paid) 去不斷製造人氣, 見過好多抄 delicious/digg o既台灣/大陸 site, 每個 bookmark 都係得幾個人, 又冇 comment. 見到都即刻走.

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