i'm testing something

"quotes" 'and' things --- test / gfdgdf
select * from table
where x = 4
test -- test
test /*test*/
test 'test
test // test

posted by nick on 01/11/2005  6 comments 


On Thu Jan 26, 08:01 SxaZoDCr [anonymous user] wrote:

Alakazaam-information found, problem slvoed, thanks!

On Mon Sep 16, 09:31 uz6xAE1ML [anonymous user] wrote:

You hold special plceas in our hearts too, more than we can ever show! Just look at these four, they love doing this with you! You have captured and saved a moment in time, one we will have forever! They grow and change so fast, but having these to look back on, will always keep this time in our lives close to our hearts!!!! We love you!!!!!!

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